Correction VS Condemning



By: Shiron Holbrook

As a parent, I believe parents need to begin to understand the root issues of what’s really going on when dealing with our children’s wrong choices and bad behavior. We should try to recognize the wrong thinking so we can address the right issues. The word of God tells us that issues come from the heart. These issues of our children’s behaviors and wrong choices are an indicator that our child is lacking in understanding and needs to be taught the right way. This approach will allow us as parents and guardians to use our authority to understand what lessons our children need to learn to further their whole person development. The older the child gets without the right teachings the more difficult it will become to teach them as they get older. The less we as parents, understand the root of our children issues, the more we will condemn our kids instead of correcting them. Condemnation breeds fear, insecurities, anger and resentment while proper correction welcomes needed change in our children.

Wrong thinking is the root to all wrong behavior, which occurs when there is a lack of understanding. Children naturally lack in understanding and need to be taught how to have right understanding; and how to respond using Godly wisdom. In proverbs 4:7 God tells us that wisdom is the principle thing, get wisdom, and in all our getting get understanding.  In Proverbs 2:26 the word of God advises us to train up a child in the right way so when they become old they will not depart from the right way. What’s is the right way? God’s way is the right way. As we teach our children from the very beginning God’s ways, the better choices our children will make.

As parents, we set boundaries and limits for our children. Boundaries, like no foul language or don’t talk to strangers or even be home by a certain time. When our children step across or go beyond the boundaries we set, then a pattern of bad decisions and wrong actions will begin to occur. We, as parents can teach our children the right way. Although wrong choices and bad behavior may still occur, we can correct them by reinforcing right understanding through daily instruction, training rooted in compassion and love. As our children mature responsibly, they will respond the right way because they will always refer back to how their whole person was developed. The whole person of their mind, spirit, soul and body.

As parents, guardians, and adults we have been given responsibility to help our children better understand the right way from the wrong way. For example if a child is using profane language instead of condemning the child through yelling and fusing at the child,  use this as an opportunity to lovingly and compassionately correct our children. In a situation like the previous example, the child is demonstrating a lack of understanding. Maybe this child needs to know how to effectively communicate and expand their vocabulary to express their emotions. I believe it is our job as parents to seek God’s wisdom and understanding on how to correct and develop our children’s whole person.

Children lack understanding and have to be taught the right way through love, patience, correction and consistent guidance. We are all born with a lack of understanding and have to be taught the right way through love, patience, correction and consistency. As a mom of four beautiful daughters, I am learning to develop my girl’s whole person through implementing Godly wisdom and understanding.

Children After God’s Own Heart has been purposed to help children develop a strong character in Christ. Parents you can rest assure in the ability of our leadership to assist your children to grow in excellence as well as our commitment to your child’s whole person development. Let me partner with you to help your children whole person development! My mission and heart’s desire is to provide a loving, fun and interactive environment that has a solid foundation of love, correction, guidance and compassion for the whole person development of our children.

I welcome you to contact us today if you are in the Charlotte, North Carolina area to start the process of having your child join our various programs within Children After God’s Own Heart.  We extend the invitation to you and your child to attend our next open house! Contact us to R.S.V.P. for the next open house details!


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