The Gift of Singleness


It seems in today’s society we find our selves in the “grass is greener” trap, with single people wishing they were married and married people wishing they were single. Each season is a gift from God (1 Corinthians 7:7). Each season, married or single, needs a special grace for God to work. The gift of singleness is in having a strong ability to take pleasure in remaining a virgin or becoming celibate for the purpose of fully committing to understanding God’s will during each season.

When we can recognize our singleness as a gift from God, then we can start to enjoy the benefits of being single. Not all believers have the gift of singleness, but we all have God’s grace to be patient and pure in our singleness until the desire for marriage is fulfilled (1 Peter 1:16).

We must understand that each season is a chance to experience God’s gift which provides us with a special ability to manage the responsibility to serve and honor Him. I like to think that the gift of singleness enables us to handle the capacity for servicing God, ourselves and other’s while exercising the gift of God’s presence that brings joy to ourselves and blessings to those who receive the benefit of being in a relationship with the gift of God’s love working through us.


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