Happy Birthday Saints

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Happy Birthday Saints!

Happy Freedom in Christ Day!

I pray all had a safe and wonderful holiday with family and friends. As for me and my girls, we are actually on our 10th day of 21 days fast, only consuming veggies, beans, and water at this time(only fruit allowed is lemon and grapefruit). I know I know, sounds boring right. lol, Well, let me tell you the freedom we found in remaining obedient to Gods call to us fasting as a family. My girls and I received an amazing revelation of our freedom in Christ! When I tell you the thoughts of boredom, hunger for something sweet, and a strong desire to leave the house and go somewhere for the holiday tried to overwhelm us all. We decided to come together and pray to release our cares/desires to the Lord and trust him. We were careful not to complain but to remain obedient even when our flesh\emotions were suggesting something different; because of the fast our spirit is stronger than our flesh and we did not give in.

Now to be honest some needed more encouragement than others. I have 4 girls ages 17,15,12, and 8, It takes a certain strength to keep myself encouraged but to have the strength for 4 other lives only can be done by God’s grace. For them to experience this level of discipline of learning to trust God, not complaining, and actually being able to see how being obedient to what you believe God is telling you to do, WOW! It’s supernatural! They received their reward of patience, peace, and joy. We all overcame the temptation of desiring anything other than God’s will; which we believe is the best for our lives(John10:10  )

We then planned a holiday menu to include veggie burgers, beans, grilled corn on the cob, veggie pasta salad, and veggie kabobs, with a cool pitcher of grapefruit and lemon water; it was delicious! We were able to enjoy our food, family and even our neighbors/friends as they sparked fireworks and lit up the sky that night, it was a blessing for us because we are not currently driving and we are fairly new to the neighborhood; so we did not know that they would have such an amazing fireworks display right at the top of our street. It was nothing but the favor of God to have had a front and center view of our personal fireworks show. It felt good, we were good, It felt like freedom.

As the night came to a close and my girls and I sat to reflect on the day, everyone agreed that they really enjoyed the 4th of July and it was all due to the blessings and favor of God. We knew without a doubt that it was God’s grace that strengthened us to stand on the belief of our calling and to overcome doubt and fear that tried to overwhelm our emotions. We knew that this was the freedom that Christ died to give us in him. We stood on God’s word believed and received the power of God to continue to walk in obedience when our faith was wavering. We now have blessed revelation of freedom,  knowing that we do not have to be controlled by our flesh and that there is nothing greater than the power of God working in the life of a believer. We tasted and saw that the Lord is good, he will never leave us or forsake us. We will never view Independence day the same. For my family, this holiday will be celebrated to remember that we are born again in Christ! Whom the son sets free is free is free indeed. My girls and I choose to celebrate the Freedom we have in Christ Jesus! The red is for the Blood of Jesus that he shed for us all, the white is for us being made new in the purity of his spirit, and the blue is for the Father, blue for us represents the loving color that’s a fit for all men, women, girls, and boys. Just as our loving Heavenly Father, he is perfect and good in all his ways for us all.

I want to encourage moms as I encourage myself to follow Gods word and Train your children in the way(God’s way) they should go, and when they are old they will not depart from it. I invite you to connect with us and follow our site as we share with you our journey of faith! If there is anything we could stand with you in prayer for, please connect through our ways to support page! We would like to stand with you and connect our faith with your faith, again Happy Birthday Saints!

Be Blessed


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