It’s All In A Day’s Work

Did you know as a saved believer in our Lord Jesus Christ, our only work is to believe. (John 6:29) The work of God’s children is to believe his word. When our core belief aligns with God’s heart, we will be obedient to live out what he believes in. This work of believing is done by hearing, reading, studying, meditating, fasting, praying, obeying, and speaking the word of God. Romans 10:17 tells us that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. The more we hear God’s word the more we can believe the word with our whole heart. We are to intentionally work each day to get in and stay in a position of hearing God’s word.

The word of God is His faith\belief and the more we hear and receive His faith\belief, the more we are able to believe, Live Speak and think in His belief. Some days work is harder than others, there are many distractions in this present world and these distractions are purposed to get us out of faith and into fear. If we allow fear to control our belief it will distort us hearing from the Father. Our heavenly Father is so loving and kind; he has given us a helper to assist us in working our belief each day while in this earth realm. (Romans 5:5) The helper is the Holy Spirit inside of us. It is Christ Spirit in us that empowers us to believe and continue to believe the word of God, especially when everything around us suggests something different. Believe me, I definitely understand that life can come against us in the most unimaginable ways, but through it all, we dont quit on the job; we don’t stop believing that if God is for us then who or what can be against us. We must believe that Victory belongs to Jesus! Who can stand against our Most Holy and Powerful God!

In 1Peter 5:8 scriptures mention the enemy, the devil as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. If we are caught not working our belief in the word, then the enemy can get into our thoughts, words, and actions and produce destruction in our lives. It is the devil’s job to kill, steal and destroy us. The enemy can not destroy anyone who will remain standing on their belief in God’s word. God gave everyone a measure of faith and faith is belief. Each of us has a measure of belief in us to trust and believe the Father. Remember our job is to work our faith\belief by the ways stated in the upper paragraph so that our faith\belief can become strong. I’m encouraged to work my faith\belief today and every day. There will always be the work of believing and trusting God until the day of Christ return. I take pride in my job, my faith, knowing that my Father who has started this good work in me, is faithful to completion; until the day of Jesus Christ. (Philippians 1:6). Be Blessed Guys and Don’t ever stop believing Our faithful Father!


Love ya for real


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