Faith in His Protection


landscape nature sunset clouds

My Father in heaven is the stone I trust in for my protection.

He is my powerful shield, that saves me from the fiery darts of my enemies

His presence is my place of safety.

In Him, I find shelter, He is my savior, my King.

He is the one who saves me from the violence of these evil days.

My Father ways are Holy and All of His promises are true.

I look to Him and only Him for protection and I am so glad that I can put my trust in Him. My heart is filled with His joy and I will praise Him forever.

Thank you for spreading your protection over all that concerns me

Bless your Holy name, my heart is filled with joy when I’m with you.

I look to you for protection, You are my Lord, my God, my Father.

Thank you for saving me from my accusers—Thank you for rescuing me!

Thank you, Father, for not allowing me to be a disgrace.

Your beautiful wings cover my existence, I will forever taste your goodness

You have blessed my life to be an example to many, of how your strength has protected me, your promises have been my protection.

I’m forever grateful and I’m elated to know that I will bask in your presence for all eternity!

Your Daughter,


A Personal Psalm written by Shiron Holbrook

I welcome you to listen in on this powerful prayer of protection


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