Get Ready! Get Set! CHANGE!

woman wearing fairy costume

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.


The power of God’s living word transforms our thinking from the ways of this world, which is the ways of the world’s systems. Today’s society,  popular culture, and the manner of the way the world thinks are in rebellion against God’s way of thinking. The belief in the systems of this world will try to conform us to its ungodly patterns, and that wrong thinking\ believing must be resisted by the believer.

 The battle between conforming to the world and being transformed is within the mind of the believer. As believers we must think differently we must allow the Spirit of God to transform our thinking to his higher and Holy ways of thinking. We must be transformed by renewing our mind by the living word of God. We can not live a life based on our feelings and we must not be consumed by our ability to do things our way. The person who lives life by feelings can never encounter the power of transformation because living by what you feel ignores the renewing of the mind. The person that lives based on his own way of doing rejects the wisdom of God.

When we allow God to align what we feel, think and do, with the power of his word Our thinking becomes more about what is true and what does God word says rather than what we feel or what we think we can do in our own understanding.  As we become one with the thoughts of God the evidence of His Spirit which is His living word in us; becomes the proof on the outside of us that others can see. God desires to show his good and acceptable will through our lifestyle in him.

This is how the believer lives in this world and not be of this world because of His Spirit of Holiness that lives in us and through us. This is the will of God for our lives, that we know Him and live a life that demonstrates the power, and glory of His goodness and Love towards us. Some may know the will of God but we can’t prove it in our lives apart from the transforming work of the Holy Spirit.

I encourage you to listen to the prayer call in the link below. Connect your faith in the transforming power of God with my faith as we go before the holiest and high God, who is our Father and obtain His mercy and find the beauty of his grace.


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