My Lord

woman wearing black long sleeved dress

The Restoration Of My Heart.                               Written By Shiron Holbrook


He has allured me to a desert place, I am charmed as He speaks comfort to my heart.

It is from this place he gives me new wine; to be for me a door of hope and expectations.

As I sing there, I respond to Him as in the days of my adolescence; like the time when I was released from the domination of my heart.

In this desert place, He says to me the day is here, you will no longer call me My Lord,  you will call me, “My husband,”

He says to me “I will take away the names of every master from your mouth, You will never remember their names no more.

He made a promise to me, that He will transform the earth around me, politically and ecologically.

His desire for me to know the power of this committed   relationship is right now. His commitment  to me made me to lie down in the safety of His Heart.

He took me as His wife forever; I knew I would never know brokenness again. This relationship is a solid foundation. This love will only grow deeper and deeper. His Lordship was made new to me and now I  know He is my Lord.

This is the great blessing of a real, vibrant relationship. Our heart beats as one together. I desire what He desires, so He answers me with the Heavens.

Our relationship is where it is  supposed to be. He abundantly supplies my whole person being, Mind, Spirit, Soul and Body.

All things has been added to me because He called me, I responded and He allured me to this desert place.

My heart is sowed into His land of Love, He has compassion on No compassion.

Once we were no kin, now I’m His people. I am complete in this relationship, full of warmth and love.

I am enticed and facinated by the truthfulness of His words, His determination to pursue me has outbid all evil concerning me.

He has won me to Himself with a love that’s stronger than any force of my resistance.


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