Cling On To your Faith!

The God of the Bible is infinitely wise in all His ways.

  • He has uniquely revealed His mysterious ways to the prophets.
  • Their message is a necessary reminder of our desperate need to have an adequate and appropriate view of God if we are to live as He intended.
  • God has ordained that our prayers accomplish the pleasure of His will, but His answer to our prayers come in His appointed time and rarely on our time schedule.
  • His delays are not necessarily denials but the expression of His longsuffering grace with sinners.
  • We are to keep on praying for the things that burden our hearts.
  • God also burdens the righteous with the heartbreak of a sinful world.
  • In this way we learn to see and feel the very heart of God for sinners.
  • When the righteous are encircled by a perverse culture, they are to not remain silent but dare to speak out in the name of Christ.
  • We are to speak with practical expressions of love and tears rolling down our faces.
  • This is a time to cling to our faith, when everything else fails us.

-By Don Smith-

Enjoy today’s prayer call!




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