Who Is A God Like You

In God’s unfailing love for us He has already chosen to forgive all of our sins. In His compassion towards us He has decided to throw our sins deep into the sea of forgetfulness. Our loving Father does not chose to hold us to probation but we are now completely free in Him. He daily loads us with the benefits of His truth. His truth is designed to deliver us from everything and anyone who desires to separate our heart from His heart.

Who Is a God Like You

Our Holy Father takes delight in His mercy that He gives new to us every morning. We can trust in His faithfulness to be fair and we can have confidence in His love because He is Love. There is no evil in God, He is our light in this dark world. He is our great Saviour! His compassion saves us from our sins. I’m encouraged to take confidence in Him moment by moment, in His unfailing love and in His grace; that helps me to supernaturally live day by day the lifestyle that the world can see the greatness of God’s restoration. They will see the power of His love in action!


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