2019 The Best Day Ever!

Happy First Opportunity of 2019!

My heart is content, My heart is at peace. At the same time I’m filled with expectancy! I know that patients will have more of her perfect work in me and my family, because we have more understanding of the Father and of his schedule for us this year.

For my family and I, this year will be a journey of discovery while intently taking every opportunity we have to enjoy, grow, and rest in Christ. We are excited about His plan for us and we look forward to receiving the prosperity of His thoughts leading us through our journey of faith. We have hope to bask in His unfailing love while His promises manifest themselves in and around us.

This year, starting today we choose to see 2019 as the start of a long days journey! The first family of heaven(The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit) is our tour guide. We are prepared in our hearts and mind to follow and obey them each step of the way. Not knowing what all lies ahead but certain that this adventure of the day (2019 Year) Will be one we will never forget. I can hear and see the Lord smiling while asking are we ready! Our reply is yes Lord! Today is the start of our day(Year 2019) The start of the best day/year we have ever had!


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