Fasting Forward

As most of us as believers in Christ Jesus are in a time of fasting and consecration, it is my hope that our spiritual eyes are opened; to a new level of understanding of how vital this time is in the life of the believers.

During our time of fasting we are able to receive help and direction from the Lord with clarity for our current season, this time of separation unto God also allows us to combat false beliefs.

I believe that many of us have idols sitting on the throne seat of our hearts. We have allowed the false beliefs of systems, places, and things to take the place of God’s seat in our heart. Many of us have battled for many years—the lie that our value is determined by the beliefs of the world systems. When we choose to continue believing the lies of Idols, and the world system it destroys our vitality and distracts us from the purposes of God.

This year, with the help of the Holy Spirit I am committed to eliminating all false beliefs and idol worship. As we have entered into a time of fasting, I’m encouraged to ask God to reveal what lies I may be believing. I hope as you read this article you are moved to seek God’s higher and heavenly thoughts concerning your freedom and growth in Him. Just think about it, what is it that keeps us from pursuing the presence of God, which is the heart of the Father.

When we allow the Lord to cultivate our hearts through fasting and prayer, we develop an unwavering faith and our belief is rooted in the living word of God. We are invited into a place of radical growth and transformation!

Colossians 2:7 (NLT):

“Let your roots grow down into Him, and let your life be built on Him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness!”

Saints let us all get in Holy Formation as we pursue the heart of the Father with all of our mind, heart, soul, and strength!

Happy Fasting Forward into the true authentic you😊





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