Morning Conversation With God

Good Morning!

I hope you really enjoy todays conversation with God. It is my desire that my delight in talking with the Lord will spark in others a desire to start a fresh new conversation with him as well. Listen, Enjoy and Be Blessed!

2 thoughts on “Morning Conversation With God

  1. FrankieOne says:

    I was truly moved by your conversation prayer with God this morning, I found my self at peace while listing to you, just at peace while your word enters into my soul, thank you for the word for today and I’ll make sure I find you tomorrow. I would like prayer for my health, home, family, and finances. Thank you!!


    • Shiron Holbrook Ministries says:

      Glory Be To God🙌
      Thank you for your response and kind words. I am more encouraged to continue the conversation with God prayer call, because of comments like this! God is Brilliant as this is all His idea! I will definitely talk to God on your behalf concerning your expressed needs. Thanks again for respondingđź’ś


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