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Me, My Flesh, and I

During my study time with the Lord, He revealed to me the meaning of the word Spirit. He showed me that Spirit(s) are Thoughts and Attitudes, and we do not fight the flesh of people, but we fight the thoughts and attitudes that influence people. I became more aware that Gods thoughts and His attitude are heavenly and higher than mines, or anyone in this world. He is the Almighty God who only thinks Holy and pure thoughts. God is love and therefore only possess a loving attitude. When we learn to hear and depend on Gods word/ which is his revealed thoughts, then we will possess His Spirit that will help us align our thoughts and attitude and live out the Spirit of God in us. If we allow our thoughts and attitudes to align with the ways of this world then we are possessing the enemy’s mindset, which is his perverted thoughts and his evil attitude. Every thought outside of Gods thoughts is evil. We do not possess a spirit of fear but power love and a sound mind (2Timothy 1:7) I am encouraged to continue to grow in the mind of God and walk in the power and authority He has given me; to be discerning of my thoughts as well as other people thoughts and attitudes 





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Hey guys,

So I have literally been stalling for weeks now, I have allowed myself to be distracted with so many things. It has been a while since I have written a blog post; my desire to be obedient to what God has called me to do as far as ministry has caught up with me. Something about today was different, today I had to push & I’m gonna explain how it happened.

I went to school it was just regular day.  I rode the bus home got in the house and I eat some cookie dough. ( lol ) I go in the bathroom to admire myself for like 5 minutes and after I hop on the phone and get on Instagram. Now here’s where my “the push” happened. As I was on Instagram I came across a Harry Styles video clip of him explaining his experience in a movie he’s in. Now when I seen this video I immediately felt the spirit of anxiousness come over me. It wasn’t Harry Styles the person that made me anxious. I believe it was seeing and hearing what he was promoting in the video. You see Harry was explaining his role in the movie and his experience.

You see I am a major movie watcher and I desire to become an actress someday! When I saw the video this was my perspective. “Oh wow he’s in a movie now ! Dang he was just in a boy band. Dang so many opportunities are happening for him, oh I wish I can just have an opportunity for a movie or something, Oh how I wish something big would happen in my life “. These are the thoughts that immediately flooded my mind, I went back into the bathroom and I was so frustrated, some tears started to come in my eyes and I said to God “Lord sorry for coming to you with all this anxiousness and frustration but I really do want you to do something big in my life, I want an opportunity to become a movie star. Immediately I felt the Holy Spirit nudge me to go and write a blog post.

I’m writing this post to you guys, to encourage you and myself not to look at our current situations at face value, but learn to see ourselves from a Holy perspective. W can choose to see that maybe God isn’t keeping my wants from me but is getting me prepared for them. Or maybe God wants my identity in him first before I go out into the world to do His will. Maybe He’s not keeping me from my desires, but He’s keeping me for them.

As I am writing this blog post, I am reminded that our Good and faithful Father is forever present in the midst of our frustration, anger, disappointments, temptation, in our sadness and even our joy. In the beginning I said I had a push, the push was submitting my will to the Lord’s will. I said to myself”okay Mekhayla you want an opportunity well be obedient to what God has already called you to”… in other words I clearly realize that the way for me to see what God has next, is  for me is to give myself fully to what He has currently given me. This is my protection from anxiousness, frustration, and unrighteous desires.

But yeah guys I really hope this encourages you to first always be obedient to God, to be content with life’s journey and to keep a godly perspective about our current situation. until next time talk to y’all soon.

And know that I am with you always; yes, to the end of time. ~ Jesus Christ

Xo xo Mekhayla





Click the link below to listen to my very first Podcast conversation with my mom discussing the Lords Prayer! Enjoy and be Blessed!



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